Heads Up Neuropsychology’s philosophy is that neuroplasticity is a powerful force in children’s development. Neuroplasticity refers to the concept that every child’s brain is malleable and is changed and influenced by the experiences the child is exposed to in daily life. Dr. Alterescu’s passion for evaluating children is based on the premise that with the right diagnoses, interventions, and exposure to environmental stimulation, a child’s educational, cognitive, and emotional developmental trajectory can be enhanced and optimized.

As in children, neuroplasticity also has a large influence on the adult brain. Influences such as chronic stress, depression, learning, and many other environmental factors adults are exposed to in daily life can change the brain (from individual neurons to whole regions of the brain to “epigenetics,” the phenomenon that environmental factors change your genetic makeup). A neuropsychological evaluation of your cognition and mood can help you understand yourself more fully and help you optimize your functioning.

A personal touch :

Dr. Alterescu believes that good rapport is essential when working with children, as with adults. She goes out of her way to make kids feel comfortable and engaged in testing and in therapy. She uses games and rewards according to operant conditioning principles to attain a child’s best performance and make sessions a fun experience kids look forward to. She also takes great care to ensure parents feel guided, supported, and understood throughout the evaluation process. She is committed to providing an exceptional experience in a warm, supportive environment. Dr. Alterescu is known for her empathy, patience, and passion for working with and children.